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Purchasing or selling a home or a business is one of the most important events in your life. With so much to do, it is often difficult to determine where to start. The first thing you should do is make sure you're protected by calling Lindsay & Lindsay. We'll provide the assistance you need to make the process a lot more manageable.

Under a cooperative form of ownership, if you are a home buyer, you typically do not obtain title to a particular unit. Instead, title to all the units in the cooperative is held by a corporation. You purchase shares of stock in the corporation. Instead of a deed, you receive lease on stock certificate for a particular unit.


The number of shares of the corporation’s stock you must purchase is dependent upon the size of the unit.

Cooperative ownership

Generally speaking, if you are a property owner, you may cut back branches and roots that stray onto your property. The right of self-help, as it is called, is not found in state law; however, it derives from the common law.


The rationale behind the right of self-help is that, to the extent possible, property owners should be able to protect their interests without the necessity of resorting to courts.

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We all hope to live harmoniously with our neighbors; however disputes arise due to varying lifestyles. One way to resolve disputes is through the use of a form of alternative dispute resolution known as mediation.

Mediation of neighborhood dispute

With many years of experience in representing corporations, banks and other business entities, we provide you legal assistance in the formation and maintenance of corporations, limited liability companies, and other forms of business associations. You can get advice, not only in connection with the start-up of a business, but also regarding operation of the business.

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